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Phonebloks make your own phone
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Summary: Motorola have recently joined hands with Phoneblok along with their project ara to make sure the revolution of mobile technology is going to be achieved!

What is Phonebloks?

Phoneblok? It sounds as a game name to me, how about you? let's go more in detail. How many of you say "YES" if you are given the previlege of designing your own mobile with your desired configuration? Ofcourse 95% and above will answer the same!! and this is what Phoneblok project climbs to be. It gives you the freedom to just change your mobile configuration anytime you want it to be. Around 90% of mobile users around the globe must have already did a change of mobile just because some part went malfunction or you felt that the mobile is too slow and out of features, now for all this issues and shortcomings PHONEBLOK is the answer.

How Phoneblok works?

It's pretty simple, consider each features in your mobile means camera, processor, storage, usb connector, wi-fi, bluetooth etc as separate blok in physical sense. So all you need to do is to just plug in this blok to your phone base and there you go your phone will have that feature now. Let us have real life example - Say you are buying a phoneblock concept mobile and you find that the camera quality is not that great and you want it to be more good! then all you need to do is to remove the camera block from the base and buy only the camera block from the block store and attach it your phone!

Bloktore? What that means? Heard about play store, app store but what is bloktore? It's nothing but an app store for your mobile hardware which follows the idea of olyx, not selling household things are so but to sell your old bloks and buy new one. In this way there won't be any wastage of bloks at all. The recycling rate which for mobile devices is recoreded to be only 11% out of 19,500ton disposed mobile. Just think about how much it will be in the present year it will 5-10 times more than this figure. So, there is a huge saving in terms of mobile wastage when Phoneblok is going to be implemented.

Will Phoneblok be a reality?

Ofcourse it will be, around 381,823,577 people have already casted their vote saying "Phoneblok is a must need technology" and that shows how it's going to make a difference in future. Seeing this potential Motorola have already tied up with the Phoneblok team to take the pride in introducing this awesome technology to the mobile market has they have already working with the same concept for a year under the name of project ara. Motorola said that there vision is to do something in the hardware field making it completely configurable as like Android does it for software which looks now be a reality quite soon now as the development phase is ongoing along with phoneblok team where it is expected that it will soon come out in the market by a year or two. So, lets wait to experience this modern wonder!!

Check out the below video to get more insight on the phoneblok,

Phoneblok team trying to be independent as possible so just check there website and donate if you can - https://phonebloks.com/#donate-now

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