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Native Mobile Apps Vs HTML5 Mobile Apps
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Summary: It's really war between these two! Check out who is the winner and probably the best to choose when you start your business!

Smartphones users are increasing day by day which means the usage of mobile apps are increasing day by day. Mobile app developers are looking forward to give the best app which can satisfy the user need for their products and it's quite a rival when they think about Native Mobile Apps Vs HTML5 Mobile apps, where both have their own pros and cons and makes them to end up in a great chaos of which one to choose in order to sell their product. Lets have some brief introduction about the topics which we are going to discuss for having a better understanding,

Native Mobile Apps

Mobile applications which are developed based on the mobile Operating Systems (Objective C for iOS and Windows, Java for Android and Blackberry) are called to be Native Mobile Apps and they are left alone if the underlying OS is not there, the best example is you cannot run iOS apps in Android. Being solely used for and of the platform, native apps has their freedom to access the entire phone hardware + software.

HTML5 Mobile Apps

I believe that you would have come to know what is HTML5 Mobile Apps mean by now? Yes, it's the opposite of what Native Mobile Apps does. It's platform independent where it runs the apps with just the help of web browsers and they don't have the freedom of phone access to a greater extent which might look like a major disadvantage but cross platform benefits covers it all.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

Hybrid mobile apps are called to be the peacemakers between the HTML5 and Native Mobile Apps where the app is a mix of both flavors where most of the UI navigation's will be done with the HTML5 to ease out the development and other native back-end tasks are carried out by the native app programming. Frameworks like PhoneGap, Appcelerator etc. helps in achieving the Hybrid mobile apps.

Stats on Mobile Apps

-> Around 7-8 apps are getting released everyday in iOS and Android platforms and the user base of the new app usage has been considerably increasing throughout the year.

-> There are around 2.1+ million apps in the store (Android, iOS, Windows) till date.

-> 80% of the time spent by the smartphone users are in the Native apps and only 20% of time spent on browser according to the latest stats taken on April, 2013.

-> Around 90,000 HTML5/Hybrid apps are under development from Jan, 2013.

-> 78% of developers agree that HTML5can be used to develop and create new apps because it makes the development easier and many are comfortable with HTML.

Which one to choose?

The above stats shows us the potential of apps in the present world. 80% usage of Native apps might looks a threat for HTML5 but it's future doesn't seem to be. Now there are some key points which we need to discuss on choosing or coming to a conclusion about the winner among Native vs HTML5 Mobile apps.

-> What customer want? -  Do they really want to have their support in cross platform or their user base is going to be majorly in one platform. For eg. If 90% of user base is going to be in Android then it does makes sense to focus and develop a rich native app rather going to HTML5 which doesn't allow much customization and performance. So make sure you end up doing a proper research on your customer before going with the development.

-> What type of features you are looking for? - Do your app need to work more with the mobile hardware as like using the camera, lots of mobile gestures? then probably native app comes handy, there are frameworks which helps to get these native hook but still it's not the same experience which you get with the native way of development.

-> How secured you want the app to be? - There are several security vulnerabilities in HTML5 when compared with native apps. Data which are cached will be visible and not easily secured and encrypted in HTML 5. Speed is compromised during the data transit which needs to be secured in case of HTML5. If you considered these things as secondary then very well you can opt for HTML5.

-> How much will be the budget? - This is one of the key aspect which needs a thought before jumping to the development of mobile app. It will cost you more when planned to develop a native app than to go on with HTML5 and hybrid apps has it needs to be separately done for each platform while HTML5 holds the motto as "Develop once, run anywhere"

-> Is your app needs constant updates? - If the answer is yes, then HTML5 will be the better option where the user doesn't need to update or download the apps again manually from app store but will be pushed automatically on need basis.

Final Verdict

It's true that things are not welcoming for HTML5 for now when we see the stats which is mainly because there are in the initial phase but future does look promising. We cannot actually weigh which will be the best in technology since both have their pros and cons. It's about us to decide which will be the best suited for the product which we are planning to sell with the Mobile apps. Of-course it's not possible to come down with the result in a day or two. We need to have a proper research and strategy to be planned and executed on deciding which one to be picked for the development. So, who is the winner between Native Mobile Apps Vs HTML5 Mobile Apps - Each developer needs to decide about this based on their requirement!!

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