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Author Topic: How to prepare for upcoming Bank PO exams?  (Read 5333 times)


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How to prepare for upcoming Bank PO exams?
« on: October 03, 2013, 12:32:47 AM »
I am writing several Bank PO exams in the coming days. So, I need to be prepared 100% for it to get the job.

Can someone give me the tips which we need to follow for preparing for the Bank PO exam? Is there any books which will help to prepare well for the exam?

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Re: How to prepare for upcoming Bank PO exams?
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2014, 09:58:44 PM »

Every student in India would have come across the exam named Bank PO at some part of his/her college life and it actually seems to be the better job worth trying for after completing Arts/Engineering course where it's extremely competitive to get job in a private/public sector firm. Having said that it's not that easy to get Bank PO job either because there are many candidates now started applying for PO jobs which made getting a PO job also highly competitive.

Bank PO exams are basically conducted by the individual private/public sector banks or by some common organizations like IBPS ( Institute of Banking Personnel Selection ) who conduct the Bank PO, Clerk, IT Officer and other exams and based on the marks scored the banks will conduct the next round of interviews if the candidate eligible for it.

Now let's come to the point, What is really needed to prepare well for the upcoming Bank PO exams? bank PO exams are quite changed now a days to be more tougher because of the increased competition. So, it's indeed needed by every candidates to put in their all hard work to score well in the exam and to move forward in the next rounds to clear and get the job. Let me quote some of the important tips which will help you ore in getting the job by clearing all the rounds,

-> TIME AND HARD WORK: In matter of fact these two are the key for any exam preparations, once you decide yourself to get into the exam phase you must make sure that you will spare in more time and hard work rather finding leisure times. Keep aside from all the normal doings which you have usually in your home and try to isolate yourself just to make sure that you are preparing for the exam. Always remember when you want something good for you in future then you need to toil for it in present!

-> KNOW ABOUT THE EXAM: It's very important that you should know about the exam which you are going to write, which means the syllabus and pattern which will be followed that will make you a smart candidate for the examination rather taking everything and preparing in one shot. You just need to prepare only the sections which will be asked for the exam and rest just skip it.

Common syllabus for Bank PO exam - PO syllabus.pdf

Note: The syllabus may vary according to the individual bank PO exam or IBPS exam. Just have a glance once and start the preparation according to it.

-> REFER TO GOOD BOOKS: Now a days there are books which you buy online which will help for your preparation. So you don't have to sweat a lot in searching for it. There are many books available in the market right now. Some of the good books which you can buy right away are as follows, -> CLICK to buy it online! -> CLICK to buy it online! -> CLICK to buy it online! -> CLICK to buy it online! -> CLICK to buy it online! -> CLICK to buy it online! -> CLICK to buy it online!

-> REFER PREVIOUS YEAR PAPERS: Always make sure that you refer the previous year bank PO exam model papers and prepare for the exam accordingly but just don't reside on it 100% but rather just to use it as a reference and start the preparation with it. I have attached some of the common model PO exam papers below just download it and prepare for the questions according to the pattern. Bank PO paper.pdf - sample - data analysis.pdf

Try to follow the above tips mentioned and for sure you will clear the Bank PO exam in no time. Once you clear the Bank PO exam you will move to the interview round where in the questions will be based on General knowledge topics and personal questions.

Common Bank interview questions - Interview questions.pdf

Interview preparation e-book - Everything Practice Interview Book Be prepared for any question.pdf

Common eligibility criteria for Bank PO exam - eligibility.pdf

Hope with this information you will excel in the Bank PO exam as well as get the job without any issue!
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