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Author Topic: What should I do if I filled wrong details while registering for IBPS exam?  (Read 2694 times)


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I have mistakenly given some wrong information while registering for the IBPS exam :( What should I do now? Can you please provide me the information which I have to follow for correcting the mistakes which I have done in the IBPS registration? Can someone please give me the answer on this? I really need to correct the information soon as possible.

Please help me! Thank you.
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There is no need to worry about getting any queries cleared for IBPS exams now as the IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) have introduced a service called "Candidate Grievance  Lodging and Redressal Mechanism" which helps to solve all the issues which the IBPS candidate have. So, just follow the below steps to get your IBPS form issue fixed,

STEP 1: Go to IBPS Candidate Grievance Lodging and Redressal Mechanism page -

STEP 2: Click on the "Register new Complaint" button.

STEP 3: From the Help Topic drop down -> Select the examination type which you have applied.

STEP 4: Provide the Full Name, Email Address and Mobile number in the contact information as this would be used for the IBPS support team to get back to you answering your query.

STEP 5: Provide your registration number and in Complaint Details -> Give the Issue summary in as a one liner. For eg. Correcting contact information given in IBPS registration onilne and provide the complete details of your complaint in the Issue Details.

STEP 6: Provide the Captcha text and click on Submit. If you want re-enter the information in the page then select the Reset button.

Now once you have submitted the complaint it would take 2-3 days for them to get and mean while you can check the status of your complaint from this link - -> Just provide your Email address and the complaint number to get the status of your complaint.

If you feel that you need the information even more faster than waiting for 2-3 days then the better thing to do is to call them directly and check.

IBPS Toll Free Hotline Numbers - 1800 222 366, 1800 103 4566 (Available from 09:30 AM to 06:00 PM except Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays applicable in Maharashtra State)

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