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Author Topic: How to connect 5.1 speakers in Laptop/PC?  (Read 14085 times)


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How to connect 5.1 speakers in Laptop/PC?
« on: December 31, 2013, 07:50:33 PM »
I have a Dell Inspiron 15R laptop and also a Personal computer in home and just today I got a 5.1 Creative speakers and right now I am not able to connect it with my laptop or with my Personal computer because I have only one audio out wherein the speakers have three 1) Left/Right 2) Front/Rear 3) Woofer. How to connect this now to my laptop/PC? Is there anyway to follow for the same?

Kindly provide me the complete information on this as it's totally waste for me now to have 5.1 Creative speakers when only 2 speakers works when I connect to the audio out for now.

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Re: How to connect 5.1 speakers in Laptop/PC?
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2013, 08:22:33 PM »
It's quite annoying when we come to know that our 3k-5k 5.1 speakers doesn't go with the laptop/PC and find yourself thinking "Should have got 2.1 itself!!!". Ok, now you don't need to worry there is always a hack to fix any issue in computer doesn't it? :)

Now to make your 5.1 speakers work in PC is quite easy when compared with the laptop. Actually most of the latest PC comes with the sound card with 3 pins for supporting 5.1 but if you don't have that then probably you need to buy a new sound card and attach it to the PCI slot in your system and the same comes in USB type as well from Creative -> Creative Sound Blaster Xi-Fi surround 5.1.

To know more about Sound Blaster Xi-Fi surround 5.1 vist -

Now the PCI slot is available for Rs.1400 and USB a little higher which should around 2k. Yea, I can understand your mind voice now "Getting sound card for more than 1.5K just for speakers which I got for 3k?".. That seems to be a big problem now. So is this the hack which I was talking about? Nope! not at all.

It's sure that we need some external device to make the 5.1 speakers work and there is no magic can be done to make it work with only one audio port as many blogs claim that we can connect one audio input to Mic/Line-in and so on.

Anyways lets come to the hack now, but this hack doesn't help you to get the 100% output as it should come with the 5.1 surround but still helps you to get the sound in all speakers which seems to make a huge difference when hearing with only 2 of them!!

Go to the nearby Electronics shop and ask for "3 female to 1 male 3.5mm jack" or "3.5mm audio splitter" if only 2 out is available then by 2 of them so that you can connect one to the other and have three connections. It should cost your around Rs.50-150, not more than that. The 3.5mm jack connector will look something like below,

Flipkart link -

Ebay link -

Now connect all three pins and enjoy the difference. Still not sure if that makes a difference? then try removing one of the pin from the three pin connection and check it :)

Doesn't this hack worthy enough that to spend 1-2K for external sound card? :P

Note: You cannot control the speakers volume by front, rear etc. as individual as for your system is still consider as 2.1 speakers you can control each speakers volume when you explicitly have the sound card for 5.1 but is that necessary now?
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