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Author Topic: What are prices of various backpack available for laptops in India?  (Read 625 times)


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I am searching for a good backpack for my new laptop but I am unaware of the real price so whenever I go to the shops to buy I donít know how much to pay and buy the backpack as the price which they use to say is pretty high. So can you tell me the best backpacks to buy between Rs.1000-Rs.1500?

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Re: What are prices of various backpack available for laptops in India?
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2013, 09:28:50 PM »
There are many varieties of backpacks available for laptops and yes we have to be sure of the price before going  to buy it, the only reason is to make sure we give the correct price for what we buy. Now as there are quite many varieties and brands available for backpacks just want to brief you with the best ones.

The brands which you can go for in backpacks are Dell, Belkin, HP, lenovo and Targus. Dell Sports 15.6 Inch backpack costs about Rs.810 which as a large storage capacity with good design and it consists of expendable file sections to keep the documents, pen drive etc which also have 12 months warranty.

Belkin McCoy backpack costs about Rs.1253 which also consists of some good space with extra zip storage pockets and good grip. It is more lightweight when compared with other bags in the market which also have 1 year limited warranty.

Lenovo Eternity backpack costs about Rs.1440 which as some large space and capacity to support and it is water repellent. It gives a lifetime limited warranty. HP Premium backpack costs about Rs.1128 which also have one year limited warranty with good space and design.

Targus Sport backpack costs about Rs.1259 which also have one year limited warranty which is specially designed more to have a sporty look. These are the backpacks which are available in India with price amount from Rs.1000 Ė Rs.1500. You can get these backpacks online too just by checking out the deals @Flipkart. Just go for the one which you feel more comfortable in using it.

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