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Author Topic: Airtel Outgoing bearer for 4 months, Do Airtel care for their customers?  (Read 741 times)


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I have two Airtel numbers with me one is of Tamil Nadu and the other Bangalore, recently I moved to Bangalore
so I left my Tamil Nadu number intact but after sometime when I tried to use that number I got the response as “Your outgoing calls are barred for address proof verification”, so I called the customer care and they asked me to submit the address proof once again for new rule added by the Government so when I went to Tamil Nadu I submitted the proofs and the concern person told that it will be activated in 2hrs but its been 4 months now and still not activated. Airtel doesn’t care about their customers at all? I regret being a customer for Airtel.

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I can understand your problem but I feel that you must have raised the issue once you found in a week or so
that the number is not activated as you see there is a huge growth in technology you can approach Airtel customer care in many ways but not only by calling or visiting their office. Now what you can do is go to your twitter
page and do a simple tweet using @Airtel_Presence saying your problem with your Bangalore number attached and next minute you will get a call from Airtel Customer Care asking for the details then for sure your problem will be solved in 1-3 days for sure..:)

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