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Author Topic: Food received from foodpanda spilled over in the cover completely, what to do?  (Read 922 times)


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I just ordered my Lunch today from Foodpanda and the food which I received was spilled completely over the cover and it's a complete waste now. What should I do? Can I raise a consumer complaint against Foodpanda for doing this? Can you please suggest me what should I do for this to take this serious and make them pay for their mistake?

Awaiting for the guidance for the next steps.
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Nope, there is no need of raising any consumer complaint for this problem. Foodpanda is just a organization where it provides a platform for the food vendors to connect via the app and they try to maintain the list of restaurants which maintains quality. Now all you need to do is just follow the below steps to get your payment back for the food which you paid and you have not taken,

STEP 1: Take a pic of the food which got spilled inside the cover. Along with the hotel name in the cover if possible.

Now write a mail to foodpanda customer care -  stating your problem with clear details about the order made.

STEP 3: Wait for sometime and you will be getting a call from the foodpanda representative asking for details. Just mention about the problem clearly and state that you have attached the pic already in the mail for reference.

STEP 4: They will send back a mail stating that your payment will be returned back on the amount which you spent for the order. So, it's simple as that!

Foodpanda keeps customer as the 1st preference than the restaurants which they have listed. So, they are always there to hear the customer voice rather than the explanation from the restaurants on how difficult it is to bring the food home.

Write to us back if this helped and you got your payment and even if there is dispensary for us to help with next steps!

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