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Author Topic: Will they replace the faulty intex 5.1 speakers to give creative speakers?  (Read 2283 times)


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Recently I bought Intex 5.1 speakers thinking that its a Indian product and cheap when compared to other speakers like Creative, Boss etc. But I regret now for buying it. The day when I bought it and used for an hour the main speaker got malfunctioned and the whole unit was not working, so I again went to the shop and replaced another piece but still am facing some other problem where no sound is coming from the speaker only. I paid money and got the speaker now for this I have to walk several times to the shop to fix it. Will they replace the intex speaker and provide me creative speakers?  >:(

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Yes, you can very well approach the shop with the bill copy from where you bought the intex 5.1 speakers and inform them about the problem again and demand for a new creative speakers. Just call 1800-103-8822 and raise complaint to the Intex service desk so that these kind of problems won’t be repeated from next time onwards. If you still feel you are not met with your needs, just write to us again to help you with our best.!

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