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Author Topic: Xolo Q1000s microphone not working after buying from Ebay  (Read 6965 times)

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Xolo Q1000s microphone not working after buying from Ebay
« on: January 17, 2014, 12:17:37 AM »
I just got a brand new Xolo Q1000s mobile from ebay from the seller named re_blast link - Payment and delivery was really good but when I checked the phone I came to know that the microphone is not working at all.

Whenever I try to make a call the receiver hears only a mild voice and sometimes even nothing. What should I do now? Can I raise this issue to Consumer court? How to do it?

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Re: Xolo Q1000s microphone not working after buying from Ebay
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2014, 12:29:26 AM »
No, it's not necessary that you need to raise a complaint in consumer court for this. Xolo do have a good customer support where in you can get your phone replaced if there is manufacturing defect for a period of one year! Just follow the below steps which is mentioned to resolve your issue,

STEP 1: Call to Xolo customer care and find out the nearest service centre from your place. Xolo customer care no - 1800-30-100-104

STEP 2: Once you find out the nearest Xolo service center, just take your entire phone with box and all the accessories to the service centre and explain about your issue in Xolo Q1000s phone. Once they check and find out it's a manufacturing defect they will issue you a DOA (Dead on Arrival) letter with all your phone details.

STEP 3: Inform the service centre official to pack the box so that you can send to the seller. So they will just pack everything with the DOA letter. Make sure you take a scan copy of the DOA letter as well.

STEP 4: Send the scan copy of the DOA letter to the seller mail id by contacting him ( re_blast contact no - 08829010361 ) and send it via courier (You need to pay for the courier as the seller won't accept the cost for re-sending product)

Note: Just inform the courier company whichever you send from that it's a non-commercial transport of product so that you will be charged less.

STEP 5: Inform the ebay seller once again that you have sent the product and once he receives it. The next new product will be sent from him in a day or two which you will receive in less than a week time.

If you have contacted the seller and he didn't respond or if Xolo service center failed to respond properly then we can think on raising the case on Consumer court!

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