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Author Topic: What should I do if I get java.lang.outofmemory error in eclipse project?  (Read 2152 times)


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I have imported the projects in Eclipse Juno and it was working without any issues for sometime but now for one project I get the error as "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread" which shows up in the first line of one of the java file in the project. I tried re-compiling the project and refresh but still the issues is not solved.

Can someone help me to fix this problem?

Immediate reply will be highly helpful.


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OutOfMemory error usually comes up in Eclipse if something gone wrong terribly with the project and there are only two ways which you can follow to solve this issue,

1) Clean the project: First thing which you can try is this, where cleaning the project will make sure that it will clear all the temporary memory allocated for the project and recreates them again. Steps to clean a particular project is as follows,

-> STEP 1: Select the project which has the issue.

-> STEP 2: Go to Project -> Clean.

-> STEP 3: From the new opened Clean window -> Select "Clean projects selected below -> Click on OK.

2) Restart Eclipse: This will be the one line fix given by any developer where we have no idea what went wrong but we are 100% sure that "restart of the application" will fix it  ;D

So just restart your eclipse again and refresh the projects which should have fixed the issue.

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