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Author Topic: Complete schedule of Fifa WorldCup 2014  (Read 903 times)


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Complete schedule of Fifa WorldCup 2014
« on: June 12, 2014, 01:02:43 AM »
It's Fifa 2014 worldcup everywhere and I was just wondering if I can get the complete schedule from somwhere? Can you please let me know it? Probably the list of it all as an image or so? which can be stored in my mobile and easy to see it again? Just 1 day to go :)

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Re: Complete schedule of Fifa WorldCup 2014
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2014, 01:42:37 AM »
The first Fifa Worldcup took place in the year 1930 in Uruguay and the champions were themselves (the home team) and now it's been 84 years and still the heat goes on. I can upload the image of the schedule for you but there is far more better option that just the image as there is a complete Google Calendar prepared just with the FIFA 2014 WorldCup schedule :), so all you need to do is to sync the calendar to your Google account and then directly to your Android smartphone where you can set personal reminders for your favorite team matches.. Just follow the below steps to get it done,

STEP 1: Go to your gmail account page. From the top right corner -> Select the Calendar as shown in the picture below,

STEP 2: The new calendar page window tab will open up. Wait for it to get loaded, then select the drop-drown from Other calendars option -> Select Add by URL as shown the picture below,

STEP 3: Copy & Paste this link -> and select the Add Calendar button as shown in the picture below,

Once the calendar resumes you can see the 1st match Brazil vs Croatia showing up on Friday, 13th.

You can also add this calendar directly from google+ link -> -> In the bottom right corner you can click on the + Google Calendar option which will add to your Google Calendar automatically.

Now to sync the same calendar in your Android smartphone follow the below steps,

STEP 1: Open the Calendar application from your Android smartphone either from the home screen or from the menu.

STEP 2: Tap the Settings option button (varies with phone variants) -> Select the option Refresh from the list of shown options -> This will make sure you get the latest World Cup 2014 calendar to your phone.

STEP 3: Now again tap Settings button -> Select the option Calendars to display -> Select Calendars to sync button -> Scroll down till you see the World Cup 2014 calendar -> Click on the checkbox to get the tick mark which marks it to be synced.


STEP 4: Select the OK button. Come back to the Calendar home screen and now you should see the World Cup 2014 schedule synced to your smartphone Calendar. If you still don't get it then select Settings button -> Select the Refresh option.

Enjoy the FIFA 2014 WorldCup fever  8)
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