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Author Topic: Can you give me some useful commands which can be used in Google Chrome browser?  (Read 1110 times)


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Also give tell me the usage of the commands?

I just came to know that there are various built in commands available in Google Chrome which enables to change the system options of the browser and so, can you give me some useful commands which can be used in Google Chrome browser?

Also do tell me about the usage about the commands?

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Yes, there are many useful commands which can be used in Google chrome browser for enabling some of the system options, to execute the commands all you have to do is to paste it in the browser address bar and press Enter. Some of the commands which will be useful are as follows,

-> chrome://flags - You can enable some of the hidden experiments which are present for chrome browser. Use it in your own risk.

-> chrome://cache - When you execute this command you will get the list of links and files which are cached in your browser.

-> chrome://dns - Will give all the information of the Domain Name and its usage which you opened in your browser.

-> chrome://memory - Will show the memory usage of your browser for each websites which you have opened.

-> chrome://net-internals - It contains the information of the websites and network information and one of the best feature in it is to check why the page failed to load. Go to Tests -> type the URL which failed before -> Click Start Test. Now you can see the reason why the website failed and probably find the right solution.

-> chrome://quota-internals - It gives the information about the disk space quota used by the browser. Also it tell the breakdown of how much each websites take space.

-> chrome://sessions - This shows the number of sessions running currently in the browser.

So these are some of the commands which you can use and see the options which are available respectively.
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