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Author Topic: Does Chrome browser contains a separate Task Manager as like in Windows?  (Read 765 times)


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How to enable it? Can you tell me what is the usage of the Chrome Task Manager?

I just came to know from my friend that Chrome browser contains some separate Task Manager, is that true? If so How to enable it in the browser? Can you tell me what is the usage of the Chrome Task Manager?

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Yes, Google Chrome does contains a separate Task Manager for its own. The main reason for it is that Chrome browser treats each tab as a separate process which in sense it starts each tab as a new process so a set of memory is been allocated for it now the Chrome Task Manager enables you to check which tab consumes more memory usage and which doesn't.

So you can kill the tabs separately which consumes more memory usage in order to save your PC from being slow. There is another option available in the Chrome Task Manager windows called as “Stats for nerds” which will give you a detailed usage of the memory and virtual memory respectively.

Now to enable the Task Manager in Chrome simply press Shift + Esc from the tab or right click on the empty space in the title bar -> Select Task Manager. Once you select it you can see the small task manager windows popping up with the various tabs and it’s process which you can simply select and say End Process. You can also change the view columns of the Task Manager by doing a right-click on the main window and select the options which are needed as columns which can be viewed for all the tabs present in the browser.

The “Stats for nerds” option will be present in the left bottom of the window where you can select it and it opens a new tab with the memory and virtual memory usage details. If you feel this is doesn't works out properly then you can very well use the Windows normal Task Manager to carry out the same process of killing tabs the only disadvantage of the Windows Task Manager is that it doesn't have the detailed report for memory usage of the tabs.

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