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Author Topic: Fix for TFGHT compressed error in Windows 7?  (Read 31032 times)


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Fix for TFGHT compressed error in Windows 7?
« on: December 31, 2013, 06:39:07 PM »
I have Windows 7 64bit running in my system and all of sudden now I am not able to boot up my system. It just gives the error as "TFGHT is compressed, CTRL+ALT+DELETE to restart" and when I press CTRL+ALT+DELETE it just comes to the same screen again. I tried pressing "F8" to go into the safe mode but still that didn't help too. It just ends up in the same screen always. How to fix this problem now? Can somebody please help me?


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Re: Fix for TFGHT compressed error in Windows 7?
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2013, 07:27:57 PM »
TFGHT is compressed - Means you have use the below "Compress this drive to save disk space" option in your primary "C drive" which is the drive contains your Operating system that is Windows 7 64bit.

Now there is no other solution to solve this problem other than having your Windows 7 64bit installation disc. If you have got your system from some manufacturer with original Windows 7 then you will be having the disc with you if they have not given you then you need to ask them (only if you paid for Windows 7 OS while buying your system). If it's not a original Windows 7 then for sure you will be having the burned image disc or maybe the raw iso file with you.

If you are still thinking why not I can use "F8" for safe mode boot? then the answer is a big "NO" because the safe mode still boots from your primary "C drive" where the operating system is and that drive is already compressed now which will not allow the safe boot as well. If you have the Windows 7 iso file in hand then the better thing is to just burn it in any of the USB drive as it just going to be used for few minutes to solve the issue. To burn the Windows 7 iso image in USB drive just follow the below mentioned steps,

STEP 1: Download UltraISO software from here -

STEP 2: Open the Windows 7 iso image file by selecting - File -> Open.

STEP 3: Select Bootable -> Write Disk Image.. option as shown below,

STEP 4: Select the disk drive as your USB stick and write method as USB-HDD+ as shown below,

STEP 5: Press the "Write" button and wait for it to complete.

Now once you are with the bootable Windows 7 disc or USB drive. Start your system and make sure that the boot order as the disc drive or the USB to boot with rather being the hard drive by default. To change the boot order setup follow the below steps,

STEP 1: Boot your system and in the first screen you can see the information given as "Run setup" or "Advanced setup" with one of the Function keys which will be by default from F5 to F12 as it varies system to system.

STEP 2: So once you are sure about the function key which goes to the setup, just hit it continuously when your system starts and you will be moved to a blue screen with various options.

STEP 3: Go to "Advanced setup" and just skim through the option for boot order with the keyboard arrow keys and hit enter when you find it which will show you the hard disk, DVD drive and the removable device. Just move the DVD drive or the Removable USB device as the first in order and then save and exit the setup.

STEP 4: Now your system will start either with DVD/USB device which you have set.

Once the above steps are done you will see that your system will boot now with the message as "Windows is loading files", just wait for some seconds and then it will show up the new installation windows for Windows 7. Just follow the below steps to fix the TFGT compressed issue,

STEP 1: Select the option "Repair computer" instead of starting a new installation.

STEP 2: You will get a new window which loads up for sometime, select "Load Drivers" button from there.

STEP 3: Now the File open dialog box will open up where you can see all your system drives. Just select the primary "C drive" where your Windows 7 OS is installed and right click on it -> Select Properties.

STEP 4: And untick the option "Compress this drive to save disk space" as shown below,

STEP 5: Click on Apply -> Ok.

STEP 6: Your system will have a jizzy display and will be slow as it just normal. So, wait for sometime after this process and close the repair window and select "Yes" to cancel and reboot your system which should now work fine without any issues.

Note: The primary reason for this issue might be that you are running out of space in your "C drive" where your Operating system is installed and a popup would have shown up giving you a suggestion to do the compression which is pretty much a bug from Microsoft I can say and hopefully we should expect a fix on this, since your Operating system drive should not have the Compress option at all, maybe "Disabling it during the Windows installation itself? which will reverse it back when the drive is formatted?" guess Microsoft should think on this.. but the advice for you will be remove all the unwanted programs which you have installed and the files which you have copied to this drive or move it to some other drive or maybe in an external hard disk.


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Re: Fix for TFGHT compressed error in Windows 7?
« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2017, 08:59:18 AM »
My friend said that the only solution is change my hardrive -_- but then i said that its not. I recommend this solution to him but he's not even listening to me just becoz he's way smarter than me. Can i do this? Is this the real Solution? I have high hopes in your answer sir. Thank you very much!

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