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Author Topic: What are the top 5 reasons a PC crashes? How to solve it?  (Read 744 times)


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What are the top 5 reasons a PC crashes? How to solve it?
« on: October 02, 2013, 06:05:06 PM »
I really feel bad when my PC crashes because I have no knowledge about why it crashes so its just I have to call the person in charge to come and check and do the changes which they won’t tell anything but just charge us with more money. Can you tell me what is the top 5 reasons a PC crashes? How to know it well before in hand so that we can diagnose it easily?

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Re: What are the top 5 reasons a PC crashes? How to solve it?
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2013, 06:13:50 PM »
Yes, it is always good to know about your PC and diagnose the problem well in hand if its easier to do instead of calling the Engineer to do it.

There is two possibility when a PC crashes i.e it’s either a Hardware problem or software problem, the top 5 reasons for 95% of PC crash is as follows,

-> Hardware Conflict – This is one of the main reason for PC crash because each hardware device communicates with a unique Interrupt Request Channel (IRQ), when two hardware device consists the same IRQ then the PC will catch.

Solution: Avoid installing or plugging in lot of devices at the same time, because when many devices are attached it might end up using the same IRQ. To check the conflict of IRQ you can open Start-> Settings-> Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager and check for yellow “!” symbol. Right Click -> Properties and check if two devices using the same IRQ. If so you can uninstall the device once and re-install back by updating the drivers to the latest.

-> Bad RAM (Random Access Memory) – BSOD ( Blue Screen of Death ) problem is mainly because of Bad RAM which shows the error message as “Fatal Exception Error. A fatal error indicates a serious hardware problem”.

Solution:  RAM problems are caused mostly because of mismatch of mixing the RAM speeds i.e 60ns RAM with 90ns and so on. The way to fix it is to go to the BIOS and increase the wait state of the RAM which can make it more stable. Another work around is to rearrange the RAM chips on the motherboard or take some of them out but be careful that you won’t damage the gold plated lining in the RAM which is easily get damaged when in hand.

-> Hard Disk Drives – This is one of the reason where your hard disk drives gets freeze and in turn goes for a restart all of sudden when working in the system.

Solution: Go for Disk Defragmentation and Disk Scan every week just go to Start-> Programs-> Accessories-> System tools -> Disk Defragmenter & Scan Disk. Just schedule every week or two to make this Defragmentation and Scan Disk then you Hard Disk drives will work fine. Never dump many files into the drive where you have the Operating System installed.

-> Viruses – This is kinda the most important problem which causes the computer to crash because some viruses deletes the boot sector which ultimately makes them unable to boot back again.

Solution: Is to install a good Anti-Virus software in your system like Bit Defender, Norton etc. And keeping it up to date. Scan your system every day possible to avoid being bugged by bad viruses, also avoid installing software’s which you are not sure of as they are designed just to infect your system.

-> Software Problem – This is one of the main reasons again which cause your computer crash which is nothing but faulty or badly-installed software.

Solution: Is to uninstall the faulty or badly-installed software by some 3rd party applications like Norton Uninstall etc. Also try to clear the unused registries which gets mapped wrongly by using Registry Cleaner software’s. Now if you are stuck up being unable to boot your OS because of the software problem then you can hit F8 at the start-up of your PC and select the safe mode to boot which loads less number of drivers -> Go and uninstall the software which caused the problem.

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