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Author Topic: Symptoms for Cancer disease  (Read 4394 times)


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Symptoms for Cancer disease
« on: October 16, 2013, 04:41:51 PM »
I just want to know what will be the major symptoms for Cancer disease? Will there be any possibility to fight it back? What are the precaution measures to take for Cancer disease? Is it a common disease or it's rare to come?
I am pretty sure the information which will be helpful to many!

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Re: Symptoms for Cancer disease
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2014, 08:10:16 PM »

Cancer disease can be called as one of the common disease around the world because around 13% of human death is because of Cancer disease in the year 2007 which is around 7.9 million people and now it should have been increased more than what we expect.

It's good to get educated of the early symptoms and precaution measure about disease like Cancer so that we can fight back early and kill the disease completely before it tries us.. I just wanted to list down the most common symptoms which can or may lad to cancer in for men and women which as follows,


-> Continuous pain and aches in body can be one of the symptom. Usually everyone use to get tired when we go out and have a long day but sometimes even when we rest a lot we will have the pain continuously in those cases it's better to consult a doctor.

-> Increase of Breast mass, it's rare for men to get Breast cancer but still not that it's not possible. If you have increase of breast mass continuously then it's better to consult a doctor for checkup.

-> Changes in testicles should lead to Testicular cancer so make sure that you get yourself examined as soon as possible if you have the problem.

-> Swelling or lump in the lymph nodes under neck or in armpit.

-> Unpredictable fever or illness then it's better to consult a doctor for the cure as sometimes cancers do have the cause of fever at times.

-> Sudden weight loss without dieting or going to gym.

-> Continuous abdominal pain and depression.

-> Getting extremely tired (Fatigue) for just small works may also be one of the cause.

-> Continuous cough lasting for around 3-4 weeks.

-> Feeling difficult to swallow the food properly may lead to Gl cancer.

-> Blood coming out from your body unexpectedly.

-> Continuous changes in body skin can be one of the cause as well.

-> Change in mouth when you smoke or chew tobacco may lead to leukoplakia which develops a area in mouth which will be irritating always.

-> Urinary problem and Indigestion may also be the cause for Cancer.


Most of the symptoms shared for men are common for women as well but there are some specific issues for Women which are as follows,

-> Bloating continuously every day and more than weeks may cause ovarian cancer. Also extreme pain in abdomen and pelvic may cause the same.

-> Unusual bleeding and between-period bleeding need to be checked and consulted with a doctor.

So, if you find yourself with above mentioned symptoms then it's better to check yourself with your family or known doctor and make sure that you are out of Cancer. Cancer can be cured easily only when it's known in the starting stage so we need to make sure that we are aware of the above symptoms and share it with your friends as well.
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