September 26, 2018, 07:10:38 AM

About us

"Information is Wealth", looks like your head is ringing now with the bell "Hey, I know this quote" that's what is Infomaniac. We are here to provide you WEALTH! Sounds interesting? What I meant was INFORMATION which is known to be WEALTH :P

No matter what type of information you need from A-Z, we are here to provide you with the best results and solutions to our best. So, why waiting for?. Is there some questions which you have in mind and longing for answers for ages? then just select the nearest category from our home page and drop in the query with details.

As we are just in the first step of a long way to be the world's leading information provider which means BEING OPITMISTIC!, we are open to any comments and suggestions so feel free to drop in your yours here!!/

How many of you got the question popping our in your mind and tried searching in dictionaries when coming to our webstie "Infomaniac?". It just mean "One who has too much information" and that summarizes who we are and what we are for!!

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