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Author Topic: Dolby Atmos stopped working after 5.8.019S update in Le Eco 2  (Read 527 times)


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I see that the Dolby Atmos UI is no more after the latest update. The UI under Sounds -> Dolby Atmos is pretty plain it would have been better if the older one was retained which had a demo content as well which provides the first time user a good impression.

Coming to the main issue, right after the update I checked Dolby Atmos which was working fine but now after few days it just stopped working. The sound effect is same if I switch on/off dolby atmos and tried force stop of Atmos application, restart phone etc. nothing works. Hope this is a new bug? Have anyone faced it and fixed already?
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Re: Dolby Atmos stopped working after 5.8.019S update in Le Eco 2
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Hi All,

The issue just got fixed on it's own now. I opened the Music app to check the new Hungama music which Le rolled out int he 5.8.019S and tried dolby which started working and after then even with Google music it works but still I hate the new UI. Can anyone tell me how to get back the old user interface of dolby atmos which had a demo video with awesome sound?

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