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Author Topic: How to use mobile screen guard which is removed once from the phone?  (Read 1434 times)


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I just bought a new mobile screen guard for my Xolo Play mobile which is of cost Rs.350 from online, so I myself need to change it on my phone which I succeeded but since there was some bubbles seen I removed it once and now it's more worse, what I mean is there is lot of bubbles and dust particles went in when I opened it. What should I do now?

Is there anyway I can use the same mobile screen guard again by following some tricks? I just bought it for Rs.350 and now again I need to buy one for just a small mistake..!

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Re: How to use mobile screen guard which is removed once from the phone?
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2014, 12:50:42 AM »

This is probably one of the simplest mistake which everyone can make atleast once when trying to apply the new screen guard for their smartphones. Even a experienced shop keeper will end up with same issue at times.

So, you never have to worry about yourself alone cause everyone are part of it sometime :)

Now there is a possible trick for the same to use the mobile screen guard which you have removed already from your Xolo Play phone. Just follow the below steps,

Note: Probably this trick will not work if you have very low quality screen guards which comes less than Rs.300

STEP 1: Remove the screen guard completely from the phone. Make sure you do it slowly so that you won't bend it by any chance because once the screen guard is bent you won't be able to use it again for sure.

STEP 2: The end which sticks to the phone in screen guard is glued with a very thin layer which goes bad when you remove it after you sticked it to the phone. So the first thing to do is to remove that sticky layer completely as its not needed at all.

STEP 3: Just insert the screen guard into water and remove the gluey layer off completely. Use hot water since it will be more easier to remove it. Again make sure that you won't bend the screen guard.

STEP 4: Once you have removed it to some part cause it's won't be possible to remove it 100% as the sticky nature will always be there. Wipe the screen guard with paper or plastic cover just to remove the water from it. Why paper or plastic cover? because it won't have any dust particles or small minute threads which usually gets stuck to the screen guard sticky area when you try to wipe with normal cloth.

STEP 5: Now once you are done wiping it just wipe the phones screen with a dry cloth and place the screen guard gently to the top making sure that you won't remove it again for any cause.

STEP 6: You will see lot of bubbles now once you stick it completely. Just use your fingers to gently push those bubbles to the ends which will take some minute time and Viola!! you have used the same screen guard again without buying a new one!!

The above same trick can be followed for any type of phone to use again the screen guard which has been removed once from the phone!
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