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Author Topic: Is it true that iPhone 6 is selling for a price of 1 lakh online?  (Read 940 times)


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This is really surprising. I mean people are ready to buy just a phone for 1 lakh? Why are they so crazy about these iPhones? and I heard that the new iPhone 6 is already getting sold in online for 1 lakh? Is this true? What so special in this new phone now? Is it high priced because it's not yet released in India and everyone want to get it soon?

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Re: Is it true that iPhone 6 is selling for a price of 1 lakh online?
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There is no surprise. It is just that enough people have sufficient money to buy it and use it for a different user experience. Many people also buy it for status Quo which is also not wrong. This is just like just like joining one company because it may be better than the current one.

iPhone 6 (or 6Plus) is not 1 Lakh INR. You can see Flip kart and other websites. It sells in between 52K to 62K INR. No doubt, there are many new features in iPhone 6. The important ones are its A8 chip, bigger display and Apple Pay.

Readability in iPhone has always been best and now even better with 5.5-inch (diagonal), 1920-by-1080-pixel resolution, wider viewing angles, Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating on front and Display Zoom. One cannot get the same experience in android devices in the near future. One may argue, other phone makers already have bigger screens. But only one who uses iPhone or switches from android phone to iPhone can experience this difference.
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