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Just follow the below steps to get it done.

STEP 1: Go to From Today's Exclusive CouponDunia Dhamakedar Offers -> Select MobikWik offer "Sign in to see code"

STEP 2: You can sign up with a new personal account or simply sign in with Google or Facebook account -> Once done you will be able to see the offer code. Note down the code.

STEP 3: Install MobikWik app in your mobile (Note: This offer is valid only via mobikwik mobile app) -> Sign up for the account by just providing your number, mail id and password.

STEP 4: Recharge Rs.150 with either credit or debit card. (Note: NetBanking is not valid for the offer)

STEP 5: Once recharge is done -> Select "My Account" option from the top -> Select "Redeem code" option which is shown in the below screen.

STEP 6: OTP (One Time Password) password will be sent to your registered mobile to use redeem code. Once you get the msg if it's in your same mobile then it will move forward to the redeem code page. Just key in the code which you have noted down from coupondunia -> Viola! you will have Rs.150 added to your wallet -> Recharge to your number or any other number again for free :)

Consumer Complaints / Way to resolve Consumer problem in India!
« on: October 12, 2013, 01:47:27 PM »
Follow this link to knkow the information -;sa=view;article=1

Mobile Phones / Information on new Google Nexus 5
« on: October 03, 2013, 11:17:16 PM »
Hey folks,

Looks like we have some information on the new Google Nexus 5, so thought why not share with all but the problem is not everything is concrete. As per the information gathered it is expected that Nexus 5 will come up with Miracast, wireless charging and multiple themes.

I can see many wondering like "Miracast? What does it mean?", now to all those who have this question in mind "Miracast is similar like Bluetooth technology where it forms a peer-to-peer wireless screenshot via Wi-Fi direct connections". So, you can just transfer media and other data wirelessly. The next big thing to boast upon Google Nexus 5 is the wireless charging which is going to blow our minds with unlimited usage on fly.

Now according to the leaked specification info, the phone has 5-inch full HD display with 2GB RAM and a 2.3 snapdragon 800 processor and 8MP rear camera with 1.2MP front camera and will consists the NFC feature as well. With all this it is expected to have a nano SIM slot as like iPhones.

General Discussion / Website Monitoring with Google Docs
« on: October 03, 2013, 10:33:32 AM »
Cool there are many hidden secrets which have to be found with little effort when you talk about Google and this is exactly come as one in that list. Now you can get E-Mail notifications on the fly for your website downtime/uptime, detailed logs for the problem caused and present status of the website.

Wondering how these things are done we are here to help you out, just follow the steps given to achieve it in 5 minutes.

STEP 1: Log in to your Google Docs account.

STEP 2: Click on the link to make the copy of the spreadsheet which contains all the information for carrying out the monitoring proces.

STEP 3: Select Yes make a new copy of this.

STEP 4: Now in the sheet enter your website address in E3 cell and your respective E-Mail id in the cell E5.

STEP 5: There is option where you can set up the trigger manually. For that in the same excel sheet goto Tools -> Script Editor will open the source script.

STEP 6: Now from there select Resources -> Current script triggers -> Set a time driven trigger for every minute or 5 mins and say “Save” when you do that it will ask for authorization select “Allow”.

That’s it now you are done, you will get the mail whenever your site is down or facing some issues and also you will get a mail if everything works fine. The downtime details along with the server responses is logged into the same excel sheet which enables us to analyze later in detail. Thanks to Amit Agarwal for his efforts to make it happen and letting it out for the public.

General Discussion / Welcome to InfoManiac
« on: September 27, 2013, 11:29:29 AM »

Welcome to our site!! We are in a process of building the site to make sure everyone becomes a infomaniac :) Feel free to leave your comments, suggestions, appreciations, views etc. here..!!

InfoManiac Team.

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