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Consumer Complaints / Re: Way to resolve Consumer problem in India!
« on: April 21, 2017, 12:29:36 AM »
Ofcourse it will as I have tried it already! Just give it a try and am sure you will not regret..

Hi Gursharan Singh,

Are you able to check the old transaction details by following the above step? or still facing issues?

Above mentioned website contains good content but please update the screenshot in your website.

Yes, it's completely safe to upgrade your Le Eco 2 with the new EUI release. There are many fix done with this new release which makes it a mandate to do it as well. The fix list is as follows,

Stable Version 5.8.019S

Release time: 2016-10-14

Package size: 757.63M

Highlighted features

Fixed an issue in which the ‘feedback’ app crashes after submitted online feedback.

[Recovery Mode]
Fixed an issue in which ‘no .apk file found’error message pop up when update system in recovery mode.

Enhanced the auto night mode;
Optimized color display in low light conditions.
Fixed an issue in which ghosting may occur when taking photo of moving objects in HDR mode.
Optimized White balance performance.
Fixed an issue in which fingerprint unlock fails after few captures with camera from locker screen.
Optimized SLO-MO recording noise.
Optimized Green color performance under night mode.
Adjusted flash color cast.
Optimized color spot under HRD mode.
Optimized QR Scanner focus speed.

Optimised Type-C earphone energy consumption when using GPS.
Fix the issue where there is a pop sound in type-C earphones at dialling.

[Dolby Atmos]
Optimised Dolby Atmos
Modified Dolby parameter.

[Third-party App]

Fixed an issue in which sound can not switch from earphone to speaker after unplugged earphone when listening to Whatsapp voice message.
Optimised WhatsApp Notification tone volume
Fixed an issue in which WhatsApp can only send 1 local music file at once.

Fix the issue where there is a pop sound in type-C earphones at dialling.
Added back call recording function
Added an access to settings page.
Optimized new contact creating procedure.
Added SIM name on dial button when using Dual Sim
Added blacklist in Contact setting
Fixed an issue in which VoLTE HD call unstable and HD Signal disappeared once call started.


Enabled VoLTE feature
Fixed an issue in which call drop happens when making VoLTE calls using Reliance JIO 4G network.
Fixed an issue in which Reliance JIO Sim can not register IMS.

Fixed an issue in which wallpaper change back to default occasionally.

[Hall Sensor]
Optimised Hall Sensor Int value which fixed auto lock screen issue.

Fixed an issue in which occasional Wi-Fi signal loss when connecting to open Wi-Fi network
Fixed an issue in which WLAN displayed instead of Wi-Fi when system language is English.

Fixed an issue in which search function stop working after unpaired.
Fixed an issue in which WeChat cannot play a complete voice message in bluetooth mode.
Fixed an issue in which bluetooth function fail to open.
Fixed an issue in which fail to share files.


Added ‘Small’ font option
Added Three-finger screenshot function
Fixed an issue in which font increased after OTA.
Optimised the App lock’s processing logic.

Added new music service provided by Hungama.
Added new video and search page.
Added service to control center to support third-party music app.
Fixed an issue in which no dynamic permission pop-up at first launch.
Added ‘Create Playlist’ option in Playlist

Fixed an issue in which navigation website changes with phone language setting.

Added separate ringtone setting for dual sim card.

Added Privacy lock

Added an access to settings page.
Fixed an issue in which date format incorrect in Dual Clock widget.
Fixed an issue in which dual clock widget can not be opened when switch from standard view to zoomed view.
Fixed an issue in which some city take longer time to load in dual clock widget.
Fixed an issue in which alarm only have sound but no visual when goes off in multi-task interface.
Adjusted Date format for different regions.

[Phone Manager]
Optimized network access control logic.
Optimized battery usage alert function
Added an access to app lock and privacy lock.
Added Virus Scan
Added Harassment Filter Function
Added access to manage Trash Message

Added an access to settings page
Added default SIM card option for messaging.
Added SIM info and longer preview in Notification Centre.
Fixed an issue in which received new message while all messages selected, message stopped.


Added an access to settings page

Added an access to settings page
Fixed an issue in which video can not be played in hidden album.

Added ‘Long press’ to select all action in Contact detail page

Added attachments count in Meeting Event

Adjusted ZRAM strategy now default set as off.
Updated Google security patch.
Changed minimum battery requirement for upgrade to 30%.
Fixed an issue in which APN setting is unable to edit.
Fixed an issue in which JIO network does not work properly.

Fixed an issue in which next button does not function

We can search the entire GOOGLE all day but there is no way to find the drivers for type C earphones yet as it's not been officially announced by Le or in that case by any other vendors. All we can do is to patiently wait for it and see if it's possible to make it work with just the drivers or in other terms it would need the hardware change as well to make it work!

Fingers crossed. If anybody knows more information on this please do share with us for the benefit of others.

Nope, there is no need of raising any consumer complaint for this problem. Foodpanda is just a organization where it provides a platform for the food vendors to connect via the app and they try to maintain the list of restaurants which maintains quality. Now all you need to do is just follow the below steps to get your payment back for the food which you paid and you have not taken,

STEP 1: Take a pic of the food which got spilled inside the cover. Along with the hotel name in the cover if possible.

Now write a mail to foodpanda customer care -  stating your problem with clear details about the order made.

STEP 3: Wait for sometime and you will be getting a call from the foodpanda representative asking for details. Just mention about the problem clearly and state that you have attached the pic already in the mail for reference.

STEP 4: They will send back a mail stating that your payment will be returned back on the amount which you spent for the order. So, it's simple as that!

Foodpanda keeps customer as the 1st preference than the restaurants which they have listed. So, they are always there to hear the customer voice rather than the explanation from the restaurants on how difficult it is to bring the food home.

Write to us back if this helped and you got your payment and even if there is dispensary for us to help with next steps!

Yep official trailer just came out now.. Here you go!

Release Date: 25th March, 2016

For more information -

There is no need to worry about getting any queries cleared for IBPS exams now as the IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) have introduced a service called "Candidate Grievance  Lodging and Redressal Mechanism" which helps to solve all the issues which the IBPS candidate have. So, just follow the below steps to get your IBPS form issue fixed,

STEP 1: Go to IBPS Candidate Grievance Lodging and Redressal Mechanism page -

STEP 2: Click on the "Register new Complaint" button.

STEP 3: From the Help Topic drop down -> Select the examination type which you have applied.

STEP 4: Provide the Full Name, Email Address and Mobile number in the contact information as this would be used for the IBPS support team to get back to you answering your query.

STEP 5: Provide your registration number and in Complaint Details -> Give the Issue summary in as a one liner. For eg. Correcting contact information given in IBPS registration onilne and provide the complete details of your complaint in the Issue Details.

STEP 6: Provide the Captcha text and click on Submit. If you want re-enter the information in the page then select the Reset button.

Now once you have submitted the complaint it would take 2-3 days for them to get and mean while you can check the status of your complaint from this link - -> Just provide your Email address and the complaint number to get the status of your complaint.

If you feel that you need the information even more faster than waiting for 2-3 days then the better thing to do is to call them directly and check.

IBPS Toll Free Hotline Numbers - 1800 222 366, 1800 103 4566 (Available from 09:30 AM to 06:00 PM except Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays applicable in Maharashtra State)

This error may occur when you don't have the SVN client installed in your windows system. All you need to do is follow the steps below,

STEP 1: Get the latest SVN installer from the link -

STEP 2: Start the installation once you have downloaded the setup. Now you need to ensure that you change the option as "Will be installed on local hard drive" from the "command line client tools" options given in the TortoiseSVN tree in the custom setup window. Refer the below snapshot.

STEP 3: Restart your project build once again after system restart which should work fine now.


Thanks a lot for posting over here. Much appreciated. I really want to add more light to your views as a common man over here. Just want to second your thoughts in just two points totally in a friendly and eager way to know more,

-> Chant " hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare " and be happy. - Tried just the same bro. No change at all.

-> No illicit sex, No gambling, No drugs ( No tea & coffee ), No meat-eating ( No onion & garlic's ) - Really a good  list but felt that the above chant didn't work because of the first point. Check out this link - Am not sure what to be considered if someone can have 16,000 wives and still expect to see the power after chanting the name. (Please don't think am trying to mock at your God or so it's just I am making this point in the view which you have shared. Waiting for a reply from you soon)


This is absolutely a FAKE NEWS and there is nothing to get disturbed with these type of non-sense news.. The source of this news is from one of the leading fake-news 'satirical' site Huzlers and there job is just to post cooked up stories to increase the site ratings and user clicks.. There is no official information out from NASA about this at all..

The news which is circulating in the social media sites and others contains the information like,

NASA Confirms Earth Will Experience 6 Days of Total Darkness in December 2014!

WORLDWIDE - NASA has confirmed that the Earth will experience 6 days of almost complete darkness and will happen from the dates Tuesday the 16 – Monday the 22 in December. The world will remain, during these three days, without sunlight due to a solar storm, which will cause dust and space debris to become plentiful and thus, block 90% sunlight.

The same type of fake news was circulated before stating that there will be a three days blackout by December 2012 due the planet will shift to another dimension during those days and now after 2 years they have updated it with more technical term as "Solar storm" :P

Official source -

NOTE: Never ever blindly share or like or rotate the information with friends/families like these without testing it.. Unnecessary forward of these kind of messages will provoke disturbance and fear in innocent people's life and indirectly we are handshaking with those fake websites whose job is to cheat and make money! So, test everything before you act.. probably I would have made a strong statement which might hurt your feelings but then there is no other way than to understand this and move forward for helping others!


Just follow the below steps to get it done.

STEP 1: Go to From Today's Exclusive CouponDunia Dhamakedar Offers -> Select MobikWik offer "Sign in to see code"

STEP 2: You can sign up with a new personal account or simply sign in with Google or Facebook account -> Once done you will be able to see the offer code. Note down the code.

STEP 3: Install MobikWik app in your mobile (Note: This offer is valid only via mobikwik mobile app) -> Sign up for the account by just providing your number, mail id and password.

STEP 4: Recharge Rs.150 with either credit or debit card. (Note: NetBanking is not valid for the offer)

STEP 5: Once recharge is done -> Select "My Account" option from the top -> Select "Redeem code" option which is shown in the below screen.

STEP 6: OTP (One Time Password) password will be sent to your registered mobile to use redeem code. Once you get the msg if it's in your same mobile then it will move forward to the redeem code page. Just key in the code which you have noted down from coupondunia -> Viola! you will have Rs.150 added to your wallet -> Recharge to your number or any other number again for free :)

General Discussion / Re: website is fake or real?
« on: October 14, 2014, 12:18:36 AM »
Ofcourse, it's a FAKE website and nothing real about it. There are lot's of websites floating around in internet these days who just use the hype and trend. So, don't waste your time in sharing those links which have nothing to do.

If you start sharing you will see that after 2-4 invites you will be moved to a link where you need to take a survey which is nothing but the site owner is trying to use you to gain some money for him out of your clicks and nothing else.


It is true that we have heard many news on #ISIS and it was quite disturbing as well but in recent past people started using these things for there own benefits to promote blogs, sites, fb pages etc. just to gain more visits which I personally feel is the worst thing which anyone can do.


It's Amzad Fakir from Bangladesh who claims himself to be a spiritual healer and does all kind of inhuman activities with the name of "Healing the sick". He got arrested on 2010 when it was proved that he was cheating everyone BIG TIME! Check the below picture which shows some of his ways of healing which is ofcourse disturbing but then to prove we need to pull this up!

Source -


ADVICE TO ALL: It's always good to test things before we commit on liking or sharing any type of news in social media. For instance with the above message spreading to 1000s everyday is nothing but we ourself provoking social disturbance among people which will ultimately lead to lot of mishappenings. I would term this as indirect handshake for Social terrorism! so please beware and test each and everything which you read over internet before coming to a conclusion..

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