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Author Topic: Steps to follow for getting original 12th standard certificate again if lost?  (Read 5143 times)

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I lost my 12th certificate while in transit to my native and currently am working in a company. Is there any possibility I can get the original 12th certificate again? I am from Tamil Nadu. Can someone give me the information on the same? Thank you.

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It's one of the toughest thing to take in when we figure out that we have lost the important thing in our entire life, Yes I can say it as "the important thing in life" because we have studied ourselves in school from LKG to 12th Grade just for getting this certificate to be eligible for the college. Am not saying it's wrong at you but we should be little more careful when we deal the important thing in life but never a worry you can get the copy of the original certificate again by following a bit long process as mentioned below which would probably take 2-3 months time for getting you the duplicate copy,

STEP 1: First thing which need to be done is to get a FIR copy from the nearest police station where you have lost the certificate. Usually you wouldn't be having any idea of where you lost it so in that case you will be asked to write that you lost in transit and something like that when you are giving the complaint for getting the FIR copy. Filling an FIR and getting a copy will not be done in 1 day time you need to wait atleast for 3-5 days to get it. So, all you need to have is more patient to get through this entire thing.

STEP 2: You need to take the FIR copy, your 12th mark sheet photo copy and go to your area Tahsildar office. Just check with the officials who use to be there in office of 12th mark sheet lost beyond recovery form and they will be giving you the form to fill in the details. Once you complete the form, you need to attach the FIR and 12th mark sheet photo copy and submit it to the officials over there. Now following up this will take some time as you know how Government offices and process work right? Till date there are no computers inside the Government offices so this would again take 1-3 weeks time for sure. You need to do a regular follow up to the office to make sure you will get it one day.

STEP 3: Now once you have the Tahsildar approval form, Download the attached form and fill in the details which are asked and take it with you for the next steps.

STEP 4: You need to pay Rs. 505 for one copy Rs. 755 for triplicate copy trough Treasury or SBI. Use the above form to get it signed from the bank slip which is found in one of the page.

STEP 5: After this you need to visit your school Principal and get the downloaded form signed and submit to them with the FIR copy, Tahsildar approval copy. They will send it to the D.E.O (District Education Office) and after 2-3 weeks they will send back the duplicate copy to your school. So, make sure you write a covering letter when you submit the form to your school mentioning about your contact details so that they can call you back when they get the duplicate form.

As you can see following all these steps needs a lot of patient from you and if you can follow up without mistake you can get the form in 2-3 months time :)

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