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Author Topic: Is it safe to do online shopping from Jabong?  (Read 5247 times)


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Is it safe to do online shopping from Jabong?
« on: December 18, 2013, 11:43:22 AM »
I am first time user in online shopping means buying clothes online and I found a cool shirt from jabong but little curious whether to make the order or not? Will I get it in a proper way? Is it some used clothes which they sell or so?

Have anyone ordered from jabong before? Can you please share your experience in order for me to take the next steps?

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Re: Is it safe to do online shopping from Jabong?
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2013, 12:22:58 PM »
What will I say? Am I in India? There is someone who really care about the customers to whom they sell their products? We still can buy online in India without any sweat of coming behind customer care, refund etc? and for all these questions and yet more the answer is a straight "Y! E! S! = Yes"..

Wondering still what am I talking about?! It's about the experience which I had with Jabong! I was under the same confused state of buying clothes with Jabong and here is what I did and by the end result I had just one word with me "WOW"

-> Ordered Grey Club Wear Shirt (L) on November 28th (Saturday).

-> Got the order on December 1st.

-> Tried the shirt and it was not fitting me properly. Called the customer care on December 5th (Thursday).

-> Got the new Shirt (XL) on December 9th (Monday) which just exactly fits me..

Now, many can wonder like this "I don't see a WOW factor here" but let me tell me what happened in the background. As you all know Saturday and Sundays most of the online shopping transaction or non-functional which means the working days are counted to be from Mon-Fri but the time when I made the exchange order Jabong already shipped the new Shirt (XL) from Gurgaon (Delhi) where the shirt which I bought (L) was picked up only a day after I made the call (which was already end of day = night time). So, the shirt which I sent need to go for a inspection which was done in a day time and then new one was sent right into my address by Monday..

This is something which I call to be the WOW factor when compared with other online shopping dealers in market, yes I do agree Flipkart does it well too and Jabong is the right match and competitor for Flipkart which I want to conclude.

Compared to my previous experiences the one which I have mentioned here;article=1 made me to think that I shouldn't go for online shopping itself but seeing good online dealers like Jabong makes feel more secure and happy than what was my previous experience..

Final verdict - "100% yes to go for online shopping with Jabong! There is no way you will regret but feel happy about the choice which you made :D"

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