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Author Topic: How to prepare for One97 telephonic and personal interview?  (Read 6371 times)


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How to prepare for One97 telephonic and personal interview?
« on: November 25, 2013, 02:49:33 PM »

I have a telephonic interview with One97 communications company and then the personal interview. Have anyone attended the interview with One97 before? Can you please provide me the information which we need to follow up for the interview? What are the do's and don'ts in the interview?

Will the telephonic interview be more technical or just formal? Kindly give me some information which will help me to clear the interview and get the job?

Also share how will be the experience to work in One97 company?


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Re: How to prepare for One97 telephonic and personal interview?
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2013, 01:43:21 AM »
I had the telephonic interview with One97 company and it was not conducted by them directly. The filtering process like conducting aptitude test (if you are fresher) and telephonic interview (if experienced) are taken care by a organization called TalentGrids - and they try to complete the process as soon as possible, so no wonder your interview will be so fast where in it will be like tell your name, answer 4-5 questions depending on the answers you give and then bye, next caller.. I will share my interview experience and what really happened during that 15mins of conversation which might give you some confidence to prepare or just to know about the process!

Me: Hello, Good evening.

Interviewee: Good evening. Can we start the interview?

Me: (Not even a formal introduction?) Yes sure!

Interviewee: Are you a fresher? or Working already?

Me: Working!

Interviewee: How many years experienced?

Me: 2 years.

Interviewee: Ok how much you know about javascript and core java?

Me: Average.

Interviewee: Answer me this question in the chat (Note: The interview was in phone and the questions were sent via gtalk, so I need to answer back in chat)

1) What would be the output of the following statements?

var object1 = { same: 'same' };
var object2 = object1;
console.log(object1 === object2);

2) '==' / '===' diff b/w these two operators??

var result1 = (55 == 55);
var result2 = (55 === 55);

3) What is the difference between following two

var myfunc = function() {}
function myfunc() {}

4) class Simple{
public static void main(String args[]){

String s1="Sachin";
String s2="Sachin";
String s3="Ratan";


5) try
int x = 0;
int y = 5 / x;
catch (Exception e)
catch (ArithmeticException ae)
System.out.println(" Arithmetic Exception");

6) What is the difference between below mentioned UNIX commands:

a)   cat > interview.txt
b)   cat >> interview.txt

Me: (I guess I answered only 3 correct in the above questions has I did 0 preparation before the interview! and to my surprise I just copy/pasted the above question in the net and got the exact questions with answers which I never did during the call as I felt guilty that it's not the right way to do! ha ha am not being modest or so but it just doesn't feel we deserve the company if we are not capable of answering and clearing the interview!)

The answers for the above questions as below,

1) "===" is called as identical operator in javascript, its similar to "==" operator in this conversion happens between the two object which is compared but in === operator conversion doesn't happen. So the answer should be true since object1 = object2

2) true, false (above explanation should guide you with this answer)

3) The first doesn't have a name for the function which the second has it. There is no major disadvantage between both has both does the same flow.

4) 0, 1, -1 - compareTo does the comparison based on the Unicode value of each character in the strings. (Try running the program locally in your system)

5) Compilation failure - Arithmetic Exception is a subclass of Exception. So the superclass catches the exception first and then control goes to the subclass which ends up in compilation failure. It would have worked if the arithmetic exception was before the Exception.

6) a) creates a new file and saves the input (overwrites the older one) b) appends the input if the file is already exists.

As you can see the questions are just in random and you need to be clear with the basics for the telephonic interview and nothing much. This was my first telephonic interview and I learnt a lot that I should brush the basics before I take the call but anyways this was just a learning phase so hopefully better things will come up in future!

Now once you are selected with telephonic interview then you will be called in for the personal interview from One97 company itself which will be more serious and real!!
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