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Author Topic: Is it good to resign the job if there is cold war between my Colleagues?  (Read 857 times)


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The situation is really bad right now in the place where I am working where everyone is not even thinking about other lives and running in a race by mocking others.

I just lost my whole peace of mind for working in the company. Will it be good to resign the job and search for some other? What will you suggest?

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Quitting the job and trying out new job will not be the solution 100% because even if you get a new job in the other company you will end up getting in to same type of issues where you will start hating people for who they are.

Now how can you come out of this issue then? The simple answer is being positive and try to be in calm where ever and which ever project you are. I am pretty sure you will feel now like "This is not going to be practical in real life" and the answer is "Yes, it won't be practical in real life unless you wanted it to be". Am not trying to give a lecture over here of positive attitude but what I am trying to convey is just try cultivating the habit of positive attitude and you will see the change for yourself in no time.

Just be polite with people and find out the ways to end up the competition and fights in a healthier way then that will make your life easy in workplace and as well for others.. It's true that it will be really hard doing this at start but once you have good experience on continuing it you will feel much more better and comfortable.

I have attached a e-book which talks about how to argue positively in this post for your reference which will help you to solve and have good conversation with others which should be good to start :)

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