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Author Topic: Can I use a stylus for my Kindle Fire?  (Read 438 times)


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Can I use a stylus for my Kindle Fire?
« on: October 07, 2013, 03:18:34 PM »
Will it work properly? Can you tell me which stylus will be good for Amazon Kindle Fire?

I live in a country where normally things are very cold and handling tablet like Amazon Kindle Fire is quite a challenge with bare hands because most of the time I will be with gloves, so what I thought is that it will be good if I can use a stylus, Is it possible to use a stylus with Kindle Fire? Will it work properly? Can you tell me which stylus will be good for Amazon Kindle Fire?

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Re: Can I use a stylus for my Kindle Fire?
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2013, 03:56:09 PM »
Yes, of course Kindle Fire do support the stylus for touch instead of your fingers but all you have to get is the right one because not all the stylus will work with the Kindle Fire. Using stylus is good in one way where your screen will be quite smudge-free. Even some of the protective cases comes with a slot for stylus to help prevent it from becoming lost. So once you buy the stylus it is advised to have such kind of protective cases.

Keep not that the stylus must be conductive, which means that the touchscreen will have to accept it like a finger. For example, the stylus from Nintendo DS will not be adequate for this purpose where it will not recognize the touches when you click on the touchscreen.

Now the best stylus which you can go for is none other than Amazon Basic Stylus which is designed for the use of Kindle Fire plus all the other tablets like iPad etc. in the market so you can go for it which will cost around 10$. To check out from Amazon

If you want something like a basic stylus where you just need for Touch then Amazon Basic Stylus will be good but if you are open to some extra content then Griffin Technologies brings out a Stylus + Pen + Laser pointer together which perfectly suits for Kindle Fire to touch and use + a pen for emergency purpose + Laser pointer in case you are in middle of a presentation. This will cost you a much higher than the Amazon Basic Stylus which is around $20. To buy this stylus online

Still feel like not want to move to stylus and use your hand itself instead being in cold countries then Agloves is something which you can try for where you they have produced a gloves which is specifically used for touch screens plus keep you warm. To know more Agloves and order online

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