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Author Topic: Can you give me the specifications of the new Kindle Fire 2 by Amazon?  (Read 368 times)


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As market is boomed with Windows and Android tablets still there is a ray of hope where Kindle Fire 2 can get into the market with great power, Will it be the same for Kindle Fire 2? or it wonít? Can you give me the specifications of the new Kindle Fire 2 by Amazon? What will be the price of it and when itís going to be released?

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As for the new Kindle Fire 2 there is no much official announcement or specification out by Amazon as itís lays a secret but still there are few things which can be noticed or being expected from Kindle Fire 2 which we can discuss about now. The first and foremost thing and a bit of great news for the Kindle user is that Kindle Fire 2 will be more like the same price as of itís previous version which is around $199-$220.

The new Kindle Fire 2 is expected to be powered with the Quad-Core Tegra processor which will boost the process as more than expected, as more the power of the processor more smooth is the applications. So Amazon have taken up the burning issue of concentrating more on the speed than in their previous versions and Quad-Core Tegra is not a bad selection for them too. So sure itís going to be great for Kindle Fire 2 in performance side.

Kindle Fire 2 is expected to come out with bigger screen than before which will be either 9.7 inch or 10.1inch or maybe with both the sizes. They have mostly concentrated on the weight and handling of the tab so it is designed in a way to be more easily handle just by one hand as like the previous Kindle Fire.

As expected there should be a front camera in the upcoming Kindle Fire 2 as it is one of the main disadvantage or rather important missing feature in previous Kindle Fire and one more important thing to note is that Kindle Fire 2 which is named or called now may not have the same name too as Amazon have yet to announce there might be a change in itís name too but that doesnít matter as a end user to us where we want get the best and expecting a greater Kindle Fire than before.

It is also expected that the new Kindle Fire will support the MicroUSB and HDMI Port with support of HD video as like the 750p and 1080p video formats. The new Kindle Fire is expected to reach the market by end of 2012 so fingers crossed as of now. If you are a lover of Kindle and still wondering I want to get more out of Kindle Fire then the next version is just for you. Wait few more days you wonít regret it once you get the best out of Kindle.

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