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Author Topic: How to read the E-books which I donít purchase or get from Amazon book store?  (Read 426 times)


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I just now bought a new Amazon Kindle fire and I am quite worried now as I am not able to see or read the books which I import inside. Is it not like possible to read the E-books which I copy to the tablet? Is it I can read only the E-books which are purchased or taken free from Amazon book store?

Can you tell me how to import my own personal files and E-book to read?

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If its going to be reading only the E-books which are given in the Amazon store then probably 90+ % users will quit using Kindle fire as it is not good thing to do like that. So now to your question how to import files to your kindle fire to continue reading? You can carry out this in two ways which as given below,

-> To send a E-mail to the Amazon user account with the files which you want to import where it will be imported to Kindle fire automatically.

-> Download or copy the needed files and move it to the Documents folder.

Now to execute the first way which is mentioned, follow the simple steps given

STEP 1: Open Settings -> My Account from your Kindle fire and set up the user account and you can modify the account from amazon site.

STEP 2: Now once the account is set you can send the needed files to the amazon e-mail id. The file types which are supported are .DOC, .DOCX, .HTML, HTM, RTF, .JPEG, JPG, .MOBI, .AZW, .GIF, .PNG, .BMP, .PDF, and .ZIP.

STEP 3: Instead of sending each file to the mail you can collect all the needed personal files and make it a zip file and send it to the mail, now it will be automatically extracted and gets copied to your documents folder which can be opened in your Kindle Fire.

Now to execute the second way is like more simpler than the first one, you just have to copy the files from the Downloaded folder or from your system and paste it to the Documents folder. Once that is done you have to restart your Kindle fire to see the set of new files being imported.

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