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Author Topic: What are the different views which are available in Kindle for better reading?  (Read 371 times)


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Can you tell me how to use the different views in Kindle fire to use it in the correct way?

I want to know what type of views are available in the Kindle Fire? Can you tell me the different views which can be used for different book reading?

Just wanted to use my Kindle Fire and itís feature in the right way. So tell me about the details in Kindle Fire?

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Kindle Fire do support different types of views based on its usage. There are two wide classified views which can be used while read-ups which are Page View and Text View. Now Page View mode gives you chance to use all your favorite Fire gestures. You can tap anywhere on the right edge to turn the page and left edge flips you back to the previous page.

You can swipe in either of the direction anywhere on the page to move forward or backward. To zoom all we need to do is spread your fingers in and out for zoom in and zoom out respective. Pinch or double-tap to return to the normal magnification. Tap the center of the screen to get the Options bar which as some similar choices which are Page browser, page slider, table of content and a search tool. Each option have their own usage which is very helpful while reading some magazine or book which relates to many pics as examples rather in text.

Now the other view which can be used in Kindle is the Text View which is for better text reading, you can change to this mode if you are reading newspapers and magazines which are more with the text. The options are more or like the same as the Page View where you can tap the right edge to move forward, left edge to move back and tap the center to get the Options bar.

Now if you are wondering how Page View and Text View have different usage when both have the same options? Then the answer for this question is to check yourself by using the two views in Kindle which can clearly show you the difference in their orientation and the way it gets portrayed.

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