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Author Topic: Why do people talk during sleep?  (Read 1860 times)


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Why do people talk during sleep?
« on: October 02, 2013, 11:56:14 PM »
Just wanted to know about this because I am one who have this problem as well. Is it really a problem is what my doubt is? Is there any specific reason for people talking during sleep? Why they are not knowing it when they do it? Provide me complete information which you have in this topic.


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Re: Why do people talk during sleep?
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2014, 11:15:23 PM »

No, sleep talking doesn't come in the lists of "Problems" but it's just quite common with many around the world. There is no particular reasons for sleep talking it's just happens when someone goes to bed without there knowledge.

Usually people who go to bed on time and getup on time will not have this issue of sleep talking, it happens more to the group of people who take more stress in there life and sleep less which may lead to problems and diseases in later stage of your life.

There is no particular cure of stopping the sleep talk but rather going to bed on time and not taking much of stress and tension should help you more but to get a complete picture of it on getting the cure you need to consult a sleeping specialist doctor who can help you with the steps which you need to follow but most of the times its your mind which you need to control and stop wavering your thoughts here and there when trying to sleep.

If you remember your dreams most of the times will have the pictures and scenes of your last thoughts which you had before you go to sleep so emptying your mind completely when going to bed will help you a lot to have a good night sleep.

I have attached a e-book which talks about Sound sleep and how to have it. Just go through it and start applying them if possible to get a good night sleep.. now am going to sleep.. so bye  ;D
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