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Author Topic: Requested URL /wp-login.php was not found on this server error in WordPress  (Read 14025 times)


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I am trying to make some changes with the WordPress admin panel but now I am not able to login at all because it just gives the error as “The requested URL /wp-login.php was not found on this server”

Why this error shows up when everything is there?

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This error will usually show up if you have moved the files to different directory that it was before. So, make sure you have all your site files in the right place in public_html folder and not creating one more folder inside that.

If that doesn't help you need to disable the security plugins which you would have installed recently as sometimes some of the security plugins will act a little weird and it use to fail working.

Sometimes this can happen even when you have changed your theme of your wordpress site recently. So, try getting it to default from phpmyadmin by following the steps which I have mentioned below,

STEP 1: Go to your cpanel -> Select the phpMyAdmin link from the database section.

STEP 2: Search and select your WordPress database from the database list. (Note: In case you are not sure which database you need to select, open the wp-config.php file from root location of your Wordpress Installation and check it)

STEP 3: Now once you select the database -> Select the table named wp_options.

STEP 4: From right side header bar select the Browse tab -> Select Page 2 from the footer of table.

STEP 5: Edit the template and stylesheet rows by selecting the pencil icon and feed in the word as twentyten or in put in any other theme name which you wanted it to be other than new one which you have installed.

STEP 6: Select the Go button once you are done with the change.

After doing this try loading your webpage again which should work without any issues. If you still face the issue then you can post your query on the wordpress support forum to get direct technical help from the Wordpress volunteer who will have complete idea of the issue -

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